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    • Welcome To Book Success Mastery

    • How To Use This Learning Platform

    • Your Objectives & Quick Survey

    • About Your Instructor

    • What You Will Be Covering

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    Module ONE: Overcoming Blocks To Your Writing

    • How To Overcome Blocks To Writing Your Book

    • Motivational Session With Grace (M1)

    • Module 1: Post-Module Actions

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    Module TWO: Powerful Secrets To Promote Sales And Profit

    • Powerful Secrets To Promote Sales And Profit

    • Motivational Session With Grace (M2)

    • Module 2: Post-Module Actions

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    Module THREE: How To Avoid Costly Mistakes That Affect Sales And Profit

    • How To Avoid Costly Mistakes That Affect Sales And Profit

    • Motivational Session With Grace (M3)

    • Module 3: Post-Module Actions

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    Module FOUR: Five Powerful Methods To Skyrocket Book Sales

    • Five Reasons Why Your Book Won't Sell!

    • Motivational Session With Grace (M4)

    • Module 4: Post-Module Actions

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    FINALE MODULE...Now Let's Talk About Getting Your Book Done. See The Link Below The Video!

    • AND The Finale...Now Let's Talk About Getting Your Book Done...See The Link Below The Video!

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    BONUS CONTENT: Module FIVE: How Editors Can Help Unlock Book Sales

    • How Editors Can Help Boost Book Sales

    • Motivational Session With Grace (M5)

    • Module 5: Post-Module Actions

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    BONUS CONTENT: Module SIX: Choosing The Right Printer For Your Book

    • How To Choose The Right Printers

    • Motivational Session With Grace (M6)

    • Module 6: Post-Module Actions

  • 10

    BONUS CONTENT: Content Creation Traffic eBook

    • Content Creation Traffic eBook: 7 Different Types Of Content You Can Put On The Web For Increased Exposure

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    Evaluating Your Learning

    • Your Learning Outcomes

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Get a taster of Book Success Mastery

Don't Leave Your Book Success To Chance



  • Blocks To Writing

    You will discover some insights about the obstacles many writers face when writing their books.

  • Insider Industry Secrets

    Learn powerful, insider industry secrets and tips to promote sales and profit. This way, you fast-track your knowledge.

  • Costly Mistakes To Avoid

    Mistakes erode your sales profits! And so I will be sharing proven strategies to help you avoid costly mistakes.

  • Skyrocketing Your Sales

    Let's face it...You want sales. Discover insights as to how some of the Pros achieve this.

  • How Editors Boost Sales

    Make your book irresistible using this overlooked yet powerful way of adding value to customers. The result: Raving/loyal fans.

  • Savvy Printing Tips

    If you get your publishing wrong, it can set you back $1000s. So I will educate you on what to do/not do.

Get Over £647 Of Additional Materials

Get these amazing bonuses packed full of powerful strategies and tips to make your book a success (*Terms and conditions apply)

  • How Editors Can Help Unlock Book Sales

    £249 value

    In this masterclass, I share how you can boost your book sales and consistently add value to your customers by working with an editor.

  • Choosing The Right Printer For Your Book

    £249 value

    You will gain an understanding of the roles of a publisher and a printer in publishing your book. Furthermore, you learn some key tips every author needs to know before embarking with the production of their book.

  • Content Creation Traffic

    £149 value

    Discover seven different types of content you can use to increase and improve your online visibility. Use these strategies to promote your content and book.

What People Say...

“I had a great book idea, but I did not know where to start. But I learnt so much from Grace.”

Ruth Pearson - Author, Speaker & Consultant

“Excellent tips and sound advice on writing a book from a Pro! Highly inspiring and educative.”

Christiana Nwosu

“Grace made writing simple!”

Pilira Zapita - Author & Lecturer

Learn Proven Strategies To Help You Succeed


  • What is the format of the programme?

    The programme is split into modules consisting of videos, audios and assignments. Some of the videos are live recordings of my popular Author's programme. Each week, you get access to a course module which includes a video, audion and post-module actions.

  • Who can benefit from the programme?

    Anyone keen to turn their ideas or know-how (skills, expertise, talents, life experiences) into a profitable book. The focus is on helping participants write books that increase your chances of sales and profit by adoting a number of strategies and principles.

  • What type of books will the programme be suited to?

    Non-fiction books such as business, health, wealth, fitness, wellbeing, beauty, motivational, inspirational, self-help, how-to, devotionals, etc.

  • What level of expertise or previous knowledge is required?

    No expertise is required. Beginners or new writers will most certainly gain from the programme. Experienced writers may also benefit too.

  • What if I do not like the course?

    Of course, we want you to enjoy the programme. However, if you are unsatisfied, get in contact within 14 days to be considered for a refund. Kindly note your right to refund is waived if you complete more than 30% of the course. Pls see our full terms and policies. See the footer

  • How long do I have access to the programme?

    You have lifetime access to the course.

  • Will this course teach me how to write a book?

    No. This course focuses on essential principles, proven industry strategies and tips of the trade any serious must know. The course offers what I call the 'fundamentals' to help you reach your goals. If you want to learn how to write a profitable book, I will be launching my Author Mastery Blueprint programme shortly. This in-depth programme uncovers how to develop your book idea as well as planning, structuring your book. I also share exclusive methods to enhance your book to add value to your readers and create loyal fans. To be notified, grab a copy of my FREE Book Writing Secrets eBook here:

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